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Ikwekwezi FM takes pride of place as the only national radio station in the country that caters for the isiNdebele community of South Africa and beyond. The only radio station that represents isiNdebele language but accommodates listeners from other speech communities and can be listened to and understood by even language speakers outside of the isiNguni group. It relentlessly, credibly and innovatively leads and encourages intellectual and community development in isiNdebele speech community and all other audiences who understand the isiNdebele language.

Positioned to improve the lives of its listeners, it keeps them in touch with current issues, while catering for their media needs and tastes. It follows a musical and talk based format whilst understanding that its target market derives pleasure in receiving resourceful information that also comes its way entertainingly. As a trustworthy, progressive, outgoing, and engaging station, Ikwekwezi FM has a variety of music genres on offer, from Gospel (Clap & Tap notably), Ballads, R&B, House, amaPiano, Afro-Soul, to, by all means, the all colorful isiNdebele Traditional Music. Easy to identify and resonate with. Evolving with the Ndebele cultural and aesthetic values in sight and sound, it is Ikwekwezi FM.


Latest Stats

1,3 Million Listeners
Facebook Likes - 193 605
Twitter Followers - 75 283
Instagram Followers - 18 226
Tik Tok - 2 708


Latest Achievements

  • 2013 MTN Radio Awards - Best Traditional Show
  • 2021 Radio Awards - Best Afternoon Drive Show PBS


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Typical Listener:
IsiNdebele speaking & understanding individuals. Primary 25-49 years, LSM 4-8 and Secondary 16-24 years

They want to be informed, but in an entertaining way, infotainment. They are peripheral vs. central information processors, they process information better in a relaxed “bits and pieces way


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Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)


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