Moshito 2016

Censored - when the revolution could not be televised

Event Schedule

7 Sep - 10 Sep 2016   10:00 AM - 07:00 PM past event

Radio Park

Auckland Park, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Among other things, the discussions focus on:

  • The challenges that the artist of the apartheid era went through. Considering that there was no freedom of speech at the time.
  • A long history of live performance events’ visual scenery, lighting, costume amplification and a shorter history of visual projection and sound amplification reinforcement.
  • The aesthetics of music along with its historically rich character often make it a popular sampling choice for producers and musicians from other genres. Getting to know whose song you are sampling and the rights attached thereto.
  • The role of artist management, expectation of management from the artist and vice versa, management of touring artists, business negotiations and relationship dynamics is everyday activities of an artist manager.
  • The release and distribution of indie products/ artists through major record labels.
  • Many unsigned bands and artists who record demos in order to obtain a recording contract.
  • The postmortem four months after the 90% local content. How the 90% local music translate into airplay in the context of South Africa with its multiplicity of ethnic groups and indigenous sound representation.
  • The gathering of the grandest music markets from Africa and beyond, sharing best practice, challenges and successes. The Do’s and Don’ts in managing, promoting and hosting music markets.
  • The richness of South Africa’s indigenous sounds and the challenges of making South African traditional music globally appealing. Where to from now?
  • Developing control of a healthy strong voice in a healthy strong body.
  • Statistics that have shown 2 out of 10 artists that get signed to a record label succeed. Who is that artist? How do you know you have found the right artist? A nightmare for A & R (Artist & Repertoire).


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