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Is there a TV Licences office in SABC Pretoria (Ikwekwezi FM)?

Yes, there is an office that deals with the TV Licence payments in SABC Pretoria (Ikwekwezi FM Studios). You can contact 012 431 5444 to confirm if the officer is available.


How do I get an opportnity to come and DJ on Live Radio?

In order to get an opportunity to come and DJ live On Air, you need to send an email to the Mid-Day Show Producer on S khosanaTP@sabc.co.za, proposing to come spin the decks. You will be asked to prepare a mixtape which you will need to submit before you can be invited to come playing live On Air, this is for assessment purposes. The CD of your mixtape needs to be hand delivered to our offices. For more information you can contact Thabile Skhosana on (012) 431 5342


What do I do when I want to have a live radio interview to promote my company?

Firstly, it is imperative that you have an active account with the SABC as there cannot be any kind of interaction that takes place on the SABC platforms (Radio, TV, Websites and Social Media) without that active account.

To get more information regarding this whole process, rates and figures you can contact Mr Thabo Mathebula on (012) 431 5479


What procedure do I follow when I want to submit a CD to be played On Air?

It is imperative that every CD be submitted at the Record Library and NOT to the compiler. You can contact the Librarian on 012 431 5446 to find out about the pre-requisites of a CD in order for it to be eligible for air-play.

How do I go about when I am interested and would like to buy programmes that have been aired?

You need to remember the name of the program, broadcast time and presenter of the program you'd like to purchase. Your favorite programme will be packaged in a CD for you at a cost of only R120,00

Programmes which are usually on selling are Umtjhado Wami, Isikhathi Sokwazi Iqiniso, Drama, Ithungelwa Ebandla, Khalela Sizwe, Sports Programmes and Lapha Ke Malalantethe.

To purchase you need call Odirile Moeketsi on 012 431 5444 or fax 012 342 0287 or email him on moeketsio@sabc.co.za or visit Ikwekwezi FM studios at 1059 Francis Baard, Hatfield; Pretoria.

What happens if a listener requests a song that is not available in the Music Library?

In case of Listener's Choice, the Librarian uses the system to search which other SABC Radio Station/ Music Libraries could be having that particular song, then requests it for our Station Library.


What happens to my Song, CD, and/ or Album once it has been received by the Station?

When a song is submitted to the Station it has to follow an inevitable procedure that is in fact quiet lengthy. The songs that are received, are listened to by the Music Committee and get assessed airplay suitability in certain relevant Genres.


What is the criteria that the Music Committee use for the selection of songs?

It is strongly recommended that musicians submit songs that are of best quality. The Production Company from which that particular song(s) is produced, should be well-known.


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