Date: Nov 17, 2022

SABC+ is a fresh and vibrant local entertainment streaming service.


1. Introduction


1.1  What Is SABC+ ?


SABC+ is a fresh and vibrant local entertainment streaming service.

From a boardroom in Belville, a side room in Soweto, the suburbs to the beaches – you can now take SABC everywhere you go. 

The Gogos watching Gospel Gold, the radio host fans, the energetic and ever-hopeful young people enriching their lives, the ambitious adults – we’ve got something for you. Forget the days of waiting to catch the drama – Now you get to follow it from anywhere! 

We bring you SABC TV, news, sport, radio & catch up ALL ON THE HOUSE, and you can subscribe to AMP, a Premium package offering hot series, TV channels, films, animation, documentaries and so much more.

From the early days of radio, to the launch of television, from analogue to digital, appointment viewing to on-the-go content consumption, SABC is always with us.

SABC. Everywhere for Everyone. Always.


1.2  Who can use SABC+?

Anyone in South Africa with an Internet connection can visit, browse the content catalogues, subscribe to AMP, and watch a variety of on-the-house content. Users are required to register for free to enjoy on your mobile, or device of your choice.


1.3  What subscriptions or packages Are Available On SABC+?

All SABC TV, radio, news, education, sport and catch up are available to stream for free.


AMP is a premium package of TV shows, movies, lifestyle content, reality shows and a mix of TV channels with a variety of subscription periods and payment options to suit your interests and budget. Choose to pay with cash, e-wallet, debit card or credit card or Telkom Charge to Bill or Airtime.  From R7 per day to R49 per month, subscriptions also include bundled data, compliments of Telkom.


AMP Subscription Options:

AMP Daily: R7 a day 

AMP Weekend: R17 

AMP Weekly: R19.

AMP Monthly: R49


1.4  How Does SABC+ Work?

SABC+ is simple and straightforward to use.  Accessible via Android and iOS apps on mobile devices, via all major browsers, and Smart TV app on select TV’s, all you need is an internet connection to have hours of entertainment at your fingertips. 

Browse the service, select your show of choice, sign up for free and start watching. It's as simple as that!


Prefer to watch on your mobile whilst on the go, standing in a queue, waiting for an appointment or lying on the beach? No problem, visit the iOS App store or Android Google Play store, download the SABC+ app and you are good to go.



*You are required to register before you can view any content.

**In order to view content on the iOS App, you will need to register/subscribe first at


1.5  What are special features of SABC+?


  • Everywhere, for Everyone, Always: All SABC TV, Radio, News and Education accessible on the go;
  •  SABC Catch Up: All you favourite shows in complete box sets for binge viewing.

Rewind: Allows you to go backwards in the TV guide to watch content you may have missed.

  • Download: Ability to download to your mobile for offline viewing and storage of content in the cloud to watch later.
  • Recording: Set recordings and reminders for upcoming shows.
  • Playlisting: Keep track of what you have seen or create a playlist with your own selection of must watch titles for quick and easy access.
  • Adaptive Bitrate Technology, designed to automatically detect your connection speed and device and push through the highest quality content profile that your connection can accommodate, ensuring the highest quality streaming for your specific context.
  • Multiple Devices: Three linked devices and two concurrent streams. 
  • "Follow Me": Allows you to begin watching on one device and automatically picks up where you left off on another.


2. Getting Started

2.1       How to Get Started

  • Launch the Web portal
  • Register via a browser (PC, Mac, and iOS Users) on the SABC+ website, or via the Android SABC+ App.
  • During the sign-up process, you will create a username and password for yourself. You will then be able to use this username (mobile number) and password to log in any time you want. You will be able to use the same username (mobile number) and password for all devices, no matter which device you used to sign up.
  • Once you have registered, you will receive a welcome SMS to the cell phone number provided during registration advising you about how you access all the exciting content on SABC+.
  • You can use the SABC+ application on a variety of devices to view your content, just select and download the SABC+ application for your device.  See the instructions below for iOS, Android and Smart TV devices.
    • iOS device users who wish to register and subscribe to a package will need to first register or subscribe on the SABC+ website. The package will then be available to view on your iOS device.
    • Android users can subscribe directly through the SABC+ app available in the Google Play Store.
    • Smart TV users can download the app from the relevant store for big screen viewing.  SABC+ available on Hisense TV with more to follow.  Watch this space.
  • Once the app is downloaded onto your chosen device, you can browse our catalogue and start streaming!


2.1.1    For PCs and Macs


All browsing and transactions can take place on the SABC+ Web portal at  using your favourite Web browser.


2.1.2    For iPhone and iPad


Download the SABC+ app from the Apple App Store, sign in and start watching.

NOTE: All iOS registrations and Subscriptions must be done through the website first at before launching the iOS app.



2.1.3    For Android Phones and Tablets


Access Google Play Store on your device. Find the SABC+ Application in the store and download it. You can then start browsing, watch content or subscribe to AMP on the SABC+ Application immediately. All subscription packages can be purchased directly in the SABC+ Android Application.


3. What Payment Packages Are Available?


3.1 SABC+ AMP Payment Options


SABC+ AMP subscriptions include daily, weekend, weekly and monthly payment options, giving you access to great entertainment in a way that best suits YOU.

To select your AMP preferred payment option, visit the Subscribe page, select your desired payment option, enter your payment details and you are ready to start watching. (iOS users are reminded to complete all package choices and transactions on the SABC+ website before viewing them on the app).


  • AMP Daily is valid for 24 hours from purchase
  • AMP Weekend provides access from Friday 12 Midday to Sunday 12 midnight. If you purchase the subscription on any day before Friday, it will only be active from the time stipulated.
  • AMP Weekly is valid for 7 days from date of purchase.
  • AMP Monthly package is valid for 30 days from date of purchase.

Select payment options (Telkom Charge to Bill and Telkom Airtime) are recurring until a customer elects to opt out (See section 3.1.2 for the opt out process).


3.1.1 Access While Roaming


SABC+ is not available for use while outside of South Africa.


3.1.2 Recurring Telkom Payments


A recurring payment refers to an automated ongoing payment. Your subscription is automatically renewed, providing you with continuous access to the service. Subscription renewals will take effect an hour before expiration of your existing subscription.


All AMP Telkom Payments will be recurring by default from the point of activation. You can select to opt out of your recurring payment any time before the expiry date by visiting the My Account page, select Active Subscription and choose the subscription option to opt out of


3.1.3 Payment Options Available


Users can pay for AMP subscriptions using their Credit Card, Debit Card, eWallet and Voucher, or Telkom pre and post-paid options.


3.1.4 Data Usage For The AMP Bundle


AMP subscribers will be able to use their allocated Telkom data for content viewing based on the AMP package purchased. Once this data allocation is depleted, users will be able to purchase additional top-up bundles to continue streaming content.


3.4       What Do I Pay For an AMP subscription?


There are four AMP Subscription Options:

AMP Daily: R7 a day.

AMP Weekend: R17.

AMP Weekly: R19.

Monthly: R49.

Visit our Subscribe Page to select your preferred payment option.


4.1 How Content Works?


4.1       Video On Demand (VOD)


Video on Demand (VOD) adds a whole new dimension to visual entertainment - it's all on your terms!  Much like the local video store of old, VOD provides one-stop access to a selection of entertainment, but your VOD store is online and always within reach. It provides you with a new way to access old and new shows, and it's personalised - you get to choose what you watch and when, how you want to pay, and from what device you prefer to watch.



Internet TV


Internet TV allows you to access TV and audio channels over the Internet. This means with SABC+, you have access to all SABC TV and radio channels to watch or listen to your favourite scheduled shows on the go, on your mobile device, PC or Android TV Box.


5. I Need Technical Guidance


5.1       What Devices Are Supported By SABC+?


PCs, Macs, Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, Tablets, Select Smart TV’s and Google Chromecast.


Browsers And OS Versions Supported


Windows 8.1 and higher versions are supported.

Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 10 do not require any plug in

Internet Explorer 11+

Firefox 35+

Safari bowsers

Linux computers are not supported.


Mobile Phone Operating Systems


iPhone (iOS 7.0 and higher)

Android (Android 4.1 and higher)


iPhone (iOS 7.0 and higher)

Android Tablets (Android 4.1 and higher)


Google Chromecast


What Is Chromecast?


Chromecast is streaming media player that plugs into your TV via the HDMI port. With Chromecast, you can play content and live TV channels on your TV using your Android smartphone or Android tablet to control and choose what you want to play.


How Do I Connect My Chromecast?


  • Plug your Chromecast into an HDMI port of your TV.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi of your Android smartphone or Android tablet.
  • Set your TV to the same Wi-Fi network as your device.
  • Follow the Chromecast prompts that will appear on your TV.
  • Download the latest version of the SABC+ App from the Play store for your Android device.
  • When within range of your Chromecast media player device, the Cast icon (a little square on the right-hand top corner) will show on your device. Simply select the Short Film/TV show that you would like to watch, press the Cast icon to connect Chromecast and watch!


What Do I Need To Use Chromecast On SABC+ ?


You need to download the SABC+ Mobile Android app to your android device, a Chromecast dongle, an HDTV with a HDMI port, and a stable Wi-Fi connection. The Chromecast stick includes a USB cable for power and a power adapter. You can control the device with smartphones or tablets running on Android.


5.2       Can I Use SABC+ abroad?


SABC+ is only available in South Africa. Due to certain content rights restrictions, we are not allowed to provide you with this service when you travel abroad.


5.3       What Is The Video Quality Like?


SABC+ utilises a special streaming technology known as Adaptive Bit Rate technology that automatically adapts to your Internet connection speed and your device. The higher your Internet connection speed, the better the video quality will be. If you have a high-speed Internet connection (4Mbps and higher), you will get the best video quality. If you have a low speed Internet connection speed (1 to 2Mbps and lower), you will still be able to watch video content, but not at the best quality we provide.  This also means when you are in a low connection area, you won’t be paying expensive data costs for HD quality that you ultimately can’t see.


5.4       Do I Pay For Data When Using SABC+?


Yes. Streaming requires data. See point 1.3 and 3.1.4 above, and 5.5 below. You will pay your Internet Service Provider for data use.


5.5       What Internet Line Speed Do I Need To Use SABC+?


You will require a minimum speed of 2Mbps but we recommend a 4Mbps (or faster) line to ensure a consistent stream and a great viewing experience, especially if you have more than one user on the line or multiple devices streaming at the same time.


SABC+ Adaptive Bit Rate technology automatically adapts to your Internet connection speeds and your device. Thanks to this technology, you will be able to use SABC+ at broadband speeds as low as 512kbps. Of course, the higher your Internet connection speed, the better the video quality will be.


In terms of managing your data spend, this is an average guide to assist you:

Overall, based on calculations, you will use an average of 900MB to 1GB of data per hour of viewing depending on your line speed - the faster the line and the higher the quality of the visuals, the more data you will use.

So, for example, when using a 4Mbps line, a 90-minute movie will use approximately 1,5GB data, while a 30-minute episode of a TV series will use between 400MB and 600MB. *

* This is an approximate value that provides a rough guide to data usage. Data consumption is subject to individual line utilisation.


5.6       Can I Use Multiple Applications At The Same Time?


Yes, you can use multiple versions of the SABC+ applications (iOS and Android) on different devices at the same time. However, you can only use up to a maximum of three different devices per account with two concurrent streams.


5.7       Can I Use The Same Application On Multiple Devices At The Same Time?


You can use the SABC + application on multiple devices and you can link up to three different devices to a single account with two concurrent streams.


5.8  How Many Programs Can I Watch Concurrently On Different Devices?


You can have two concurrent streams, meaning two people can watch the same or different programmes on one SABC+ account, on different devices, at the same time.


6.         How Do I Manage My Account And Subscription?


6.1       Where Can I Manage My Own Account And Profile Settings?


Customers have full control of their SABC+ account (profile) via "My Account".

You can:

  • Edit your personal information and change your password
  • View your playlist, subscriptions, active subscriptions and payment history
  • Create playlist, favourites and view your recordings
  • Create or edit sub profiles
  • Unsubscribe or cancel your subscription
  • Select your own avatar
  • Manage devices (with only one device change permitted per month)
  • Manage Parental Control settings


6.2       How Do I Get A Password?


During the sign-up process, you will create both your username and password. You will use these to log into SABC+.


6.3       I Forgot My Password - What Now?


Click on "forgot your password" on the login screen. You will be prompted to provide your mobile number. A reset code will be sent to you to complete the password reset process.


7. How Do I Manage My AMP Subscription Package?


7.1       I Have An Active AMP Subscription, What Will Happen When I Change My Package Type?


If you subscribe to a new subscription package, other than the one you already have, your old subscription package subscription will automatically expire on the anniversary of your initial subscription renewal date, whilst the additional package subscribed to will continue until its expiry or anniversary date.  You will able to view the content of your chosen package until expiry of the subscription. You can see active package/s under My Account.


7.2       How Do I Cancel My AMP Subscription Package?


On any of the SABC+ applications, navigate to the My Account screen. If you are not signed-in, sign in. Select your current subscription and click on the UNSUBSCRIBE button. Cancellation takes effect on the anniversary date of your subscription package so you can continue viewing the content until the end of your subscription period.


8.         Troubleshooting


8.1       I Don't Know My Username And Password.


You need to sign up to create a username (mobile number) and password. You will then be able to log in with the mobile number and password you created during sign up. If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on "forgot your password".


8.2       I Cannot Log In.


Please be sure that you are entering the right mobile number and password. You need to use the mobile number and password that you created during the sign-up process. If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on "forgot your password".


8.3       I Forgot My Username And Password. How Can I Get It?


Click on "forgot your password" on the login screen. Follow the instructions on the screen, and you will be sent your username and password.


8.4       I Cannot See Any WATCH Button.


Upon subscribing to any of the AMP daily, weekend, weekly or monthly subscription packages, the WATCH button will appear showing you have access to the subscription content.  If the button is not there, you do not have an active subscription.


8.5       Video Is Not Playing.


Please check your Internet connection. If you do not have an Internet connection, you will see a message notifying you that you are not currently connected.

If you have an Internet connection but you still cannot watch the video (you either have a blank screen or a loading indicator), this means that your Internet connection is too slow or poor to watch a video. Please use an Internet connection with at least a 512Mbps speed. For best results, a connection with a minimum speed of 2Mbps should be used.


8.6       Video Quality Is Not The Best.


This happens when you have a slow Internet connection of 512Mbps or lower. If you are using a small screen, lower quality video might be tolerable. If you are using a big screen like laptop or Smart TV with a slow Internet connection, video quality may be poor, with lots of pixilation. The higher your Internet connection speed, the better the video quality will be.


8.7       Video Quality Is Not Great For The First Few Seconds Of The Movie.


SABC+ utilises a special streaming technology called Adaptive Bit Rate technology that automatically adapts to your Internet connection speeds and your device. SABC+ streams a lower quality stream for the first few seconds to launch the video faster. SABC+ then starts streaming a higher quality picture which is based on your Internet connection speed.


You may also experience degradation of quality while watching. This is because your Internet speed is changing. While you are watching a video on SABC+, we strongly suggest that you do not use the same Internet connection for other purposes simultaneously, such as downloads. Running other large file downloads while you are watching can seriously affect your viewing experience. Watching multiple videos at the same time on multiple devices using the same Internet connection can also affect your viewing experience.


8.8       When I Change Channel, The Video Quality Is Not Great For The First Few Seconds!


As per 8.7 above, SABC+ utilises a special streaming technology called Adaptive Bit Rate technology that automatically adapts to your Internet connection speed and your device. SABC+ streams a lower quality stream for first few seconds to launch the video faster. SABC+ then starts streaming visuals at a higher quality best adapted to your current Internet connection speed.

If you have any other questions not answered here and you need some help, please contact us for assistance via:


Call Centre:  087 133 0258

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