Back to School, Greening Project & Literacy Drive

IKWEKWEZI FM had its back to school drive through its Greening project this year

The Greening Project was spearheaded by the station's Marketing Manager Mrs Rudzani Mulaudzi in 2022 in collaboration with Johannesburg City Parks. The Station committed itself to working with two schools this year in the Mpumalanga & Gauteng region. The schools that were visited are Thokozani Senior Phase in Mpumalanga, Siphethu Full-service School in Gauteng. IKWEKWEZI FM acquired multiple stakeholder commitments this year in joining efforts to contribute towards this initiative. The stakeholders namely are: The Green Development Foundation (GDF), Johannesburg City Parks, Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF), Imbumba Foundation, The Department of Environment, Forestry & Fisheries (DFFE) and Eastc Varsity. Education being a part of the SABC mandate, the station in partnership with its stakeholders hoped to encourage learners and inspire them to persevere as the year beings.

The following activities took place on the day:

Tree planting – As part of the "Greening Project" and answering the president's call to plant One Million trees. Through GDF & DFFE the this was also an educational element that benefited the students as we brought in experts to teach the learners about the benefits of greening and the trees themselves.

Gardens – The station and its stakeholders focused on teaching the learners about self-sustainability through the cultivating the land around them. Through City parks, GDF, DFFE & NMF we donated seeds towards their vegetable gardens that will contribute to their existing feeding projects that the schools runs. This is an educational element to teach the leaners about good nutrition, being self-sustainable, possible business and tertiary education opportunities that can come from their environment.

Sanitary drive – Imbumba Foundation donated sanitary pads to Thokozani Senior phase. This was an opportunity that the station feels is important in providing an equal opportunity to young girls to be able to fully participate in the schooling year with minimal interruptions due to menstrual issues. Some of these young girls miss days of school due to their cycle and not being able to afford sanitary pads. Affordability should not hinder equal opportunity. The station hopes that this will also alleviate some of those issues.

Donated items: School Shoes, Trees, Seeds, Books and learning material, Sanitary pads, gardening equipment, stakeholder branded merchandise.

The station would like to thank its Partners on their contributions, time and enthusiasm during drive. This was truly an initiative that went beyond all of our collective brands and transcended us as a collective to being vessels of change and hope in the communities we visited. The IKWEKWEZI FM station management would like to thank you and look forward to future partnerships and making a difference in the communities we serve.

Calendar Drive 2023

In addition to the above, the station did its annual calendar drive as it made its way to the schools they were visiting. Ikwekwezi FM calendars not only serve the usual purpose but serves as novelty for all our listeners as it makes them feel closer to their beloved presenters and the brand and it is for this reason that demand increases year on year. The listeners are always looking forward to the Calendars as they want to put the face to the voice behind the mic.

The station and its talent made stops along the way and back to visit some of its listeners to distribute these calendars and allow them to meet their favourite DJ'd and on-air talent. Calendar drives provide the station with an opportunity to cement brand loyalty, create brand visibility & relatability, and evoke a positive association of the brand.

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