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An easy going person who likes a good balance of his quiet time and socializing.

Philani “Big Joe” Tsima


Meet Big Joe, an easy-going individual who appreciates a balanced life, cherishing moments of quiet reflection and opportunities for socializing.

Teaching Background:

Big Joe is a dedicated tutor with eight years of valuable teaching experience. His journey took shape after completing high school in 1992 at Mkhephuli Senior Secondary School, where he initially aspired to become a medical doctor or a lawyer.

Educational Pursuits:

Big Joe’s commitment to learning extends beyond the classroom. He has obtained multiple post-graduate qualifications, including Education Management and Management of HIV/AIDS in the Corporate World.

Teaching Philosophy:

He firmly believes in the principle 'each one teaches one.' Thus, actively seeks input from his listeners during his show Fulela Wanethwa, hoping that they learn from him as much as he learns from them.

Transition to Radio:

Surprisingly, the year 1996 marked a turning point in Big Joe’s career. IKwekwezi FM's drama auditions steered him into an entirely different realm - the world of radio.

Sports Anchoring:

In 2006, a call for a sports anchor role at iKwekwezi FM presented itself, he seized the opportunity and emerged as the sports presenter. To this day, Big Joe continues to anchor Fulela Wanethwa from Monday to Friday, airing between 17:00 and 18:00.

Memorable Moments:

One of the most cherished moments in his career as a sports presenter was when he had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Irvin Khoza.


In conclusion, Big Joe is a tutor turned radio sports presenter, dedicated to fostering knowledge exchange and bringing a balanced perspective to life's endeavours. Join him during Fulela Wanethwa for engaging sports coverage and insightful conversations.

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