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Meet Hleziphi, an anchor with a relentless spirit, born in Kwa-Tsebe in Bophuthatswana, and raised in Kwaggafontein, formerly known as KwaNdebele. Her love for staying informed has driven her to incredible heights in the world of news. With determination as her compass, she embarked on a journey that led her to the heart of broadcasting.

Educational Background:

Hleziphi attended schools like Somtshongweni Primary School, Sindawonye Senior School, Entokozweni Secondary School, and Mkhephuli High School. Her educational journey has been diverse, mirroring her multifaceted career.

Early Passion for News:

From a young age, Hleziphi had a deep-seated curiosity about the world around her. This innate love for staying informed about current events led her to Kangala Community Radio Station (KCRS) in April 2001. There, she joined as a news anchor and contributed to various programs. Her volunteer work laid the foundation for her future in broadcasting.

Transition to Broadcast:

In 2002, Hleziphi took a significant step by joining the SABC 2 news bulletin called Mopani 18h00. Her role included translations and voiceovers for news segments, showcasing her versatility and language skills.

Joining iKwekwezi FM:

April 2002 marked another milestone when Hleziphi joined iKwekwezi FM as a program presenter, affectionately known as Nunupine. She hosted various programs, including 'Amadlelo Alihlaza,' 'Weekend Special,' 'Fulela Wanethwa,' 'Kusile,' 'Wasala Wena,' and 'Avulekile Amasango.' Her dedication to her craft shone brightly during these years.

Current Affairs Journey:

In April 2007, Hleziphi transitioned to Current Affairs, a move that defined her career. She took on the role of Sidemba Zemini anchor and producer, setting the stage for her remarkable journey. She started presenting the show on her birthday, October 1st, 2007 and has been at the helm ever since.

Further Educational Journey:

Hleziphi's commitment to personal growth extends beyond her career. She is currently pursuing a degree in Public Relations at UNISA, demonstrating her dedication to continuous learning.


Hleziphi, known for her dedication, versatility, and passion for news, continues to be the voice that keeps listeners informed and engaged. From her early days at community radio stations to her current role as Sidemba Zemini anchor, she has remained unwavering in her commitment. With her educational pursuits and career achievements, Hleziphi serves as an inspiration to those who strive for excellence in broadcasting.

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