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I’m a hard worker, friendly person, committed person, patient, corporative, following the right directions, self motivated and I like to help people if is possible.

I was born in Middelburg farm called Emhlanzeni in Mpumalanga on the 29th of  April 1988. I started school in 1994 at Sihlangene Primary School, and then completed my secondary level at Mkhulu Combined School in 2008.In 2003 we started a Ndebele traditional group called Amarhole Wesizwe Semvelo. I was a dancer, played keyboard, drums and 1 of the lead singers, I won two awards as a best creative dancer and best creative actor in the group. I grew up loving radio then 2006 I started working at the community radio Greater Middelburg FM as a student presenter, by that time I was doing grade 10, on that same year December I was given big slot Morning Drive Show then January 2007 I hosted Afternoon Drive Show and voted the best presenter of the year by the listeners. After my matric in 2008 I got promotion as a Production Manager.Beside being on radio I am a Disc Jockey, an MC and I have an entertainment company called Voonah Entertainment. So now I want to study sound engineering.

How do you describe yourself?

Hard worker, vigilant and patient.

What did you want to be when you were little?

I wanted to a traffic officer but radio stole my heart.

What is your favourable thing you like about yourself?

(With a smile)….I always fight for what I want

What soothes you?

Socializing with people, making jokes

What irks you?

People who undermine others or someone who can’t keep a promise

What do you hate most in life?

Truly speaking I don’t have time for that and I’m not a hating type of a person.

Is there a book you read that challenge your life?

Beside bible none

If you were not working for IKwekwezi FM what would you be doing?

(Laughing)..I’d be an MC in different events or doing marketing.

The music you listen to most often?

Gospel, deep house music ,I listen to Vuyo Mokoena,Solly Mahlangu,Da Capo,Dj Black Coffee

What’s your most, memorable moment in life?

The day I got a call from IKwekwezi FM, I told myself that my life has changed

Who is your greatest source of inspiration?

Mr DP Mahlangu (Thiza Thiza), the station manager of IKwekwezi FM,I always liked his shows.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

No comment

If you knew your date and time of death, what would before you die?

Make sure I spend time with family.

Your short message to your listeners?

Anything is possible in life but as long as you are tolerant and focuses.

Who is the one person you would love to interview one day?

Rihanna as I’m one of his fans.

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