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Sbusiso Skhosana


Meet Sibusiso Skosana, a passionate and inquisitive individual whose love for research has ignited a deep appreciation for news and current affairs. Born in October on Kwamaketani Farm in Middelburg, Sibusiso's journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the field of journalism.

Early Education:

 Sibusiso's academic journey commenced in 1999 at Sulinyembezi Junior Secondary School, culminating in his matriculation from Bankfontein Combined School in 2010. These formative years laid the groundwork for his future endeavours.

Pursuit of Knowledge:

Following matriculation, Sibusiso sought to expand his horizons. In 2011, he enrolled in a short course in Accounting at Advance Visual College in Pretoria, demonstrating his thirst for learning and diversifying his skill set.

Passion for Radio:

The spark that would fuel his passion for radio was ignited at a young age, back in 2004. Sibusiso's daily ritual included tuning in to radio broadcasts after school. This early exposure to the medium and his penchant for research and reading newspapers naturally gravitated him toward the world of news.

Journey into Journalism:

In 2013, Sibusiso joined the local community radio station Greater Middelburg FM (GMFM) as a news anchor and current affairs enthusiast. During his tenure at GMFM, he took on responsibilities such as reading news bulletins and delving into current affairs topics. His genuine curiosity and research skills found a perfect outlet in the world of radio.

Pursuit of Journalism Studies:

To further solidify his foundation in journalism, Sibusiso embarked on a short course in journalism with College SA in 2014, showcasing his dedication to continuous learning.

Joining iKwekwezi FM:

Sibusiso's career took an exciting turn in June 2015 when he joined iKwekwezi FM Current Affairs. Here, he assumed the roles of both producer and presenter for the evening current affairs Show Zibuya Nabazumi, airing from 18h00 to 19h00 on weekdays.

Ongoing Education:

Sibusiso's commitment to personal and professional growth is evident as he is currently enrolled at UNISA, pursuing a Diploma in Journalism. This academic endeavour reflects his dedication to honing his skills and making a lasting impact in the field of journalism.

Closing Thoughts:

Sibusiso Skosana's journey is a testament to his enduring love for research and news. From his early days as a dedicated radio listener to his current role as a producer and presenter, he has showcased an unwavering passion for staying informed and sharing that knowledge with others. With ongoing studies and a commitment to excellence, Sibusiso is poised to continue making meaningful contributions to the world of journalism.


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